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Are you still savouring the art of shooting with film? Have you come across old rolls of film while cleaning? We can still turn your film into prints! Bring your film in today and enjoy the great shots you took!


We have been developing film for over 45 years. We can process and C-41 colour or black and white film in 35mm or 120 format.


There have been many film brands:









and more


We can also cross-process E6 Slide film if you want some funky images.



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Clean out your junk drawers and bring us your films!


Basic C-41 Colour Pricing (developed every Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Devlop with 1 set of 4x6 Prints

24exp $15/ roll

36exp $20/ roll

Basic Black and White Pricing (developed every Friday)

Devlop with 1 set of 4x6 Prints

24exp $18/ roll

36 exp $26/roll

Others Services Available.

Add to CD

Add to USB

Send to Dropbox

2nd set of prints

Oversized Prints (5x7 format)



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