Custom Framing

Affordable Custom Framing

Guelph Fotosource & Kitchener Fotosource offers a complete line of affordable custom picture framing options in both locations. Available in a wide range of styles, sizes, textures, and colours. We assemble your work on site to provide a professional finish to your photographs, art, or prints. We also know that budgets are important and always quote the best possible price on custom framing.

Canvas prints & wrapping  

We have been stretching canvas in-store for over 12 years and provide a beautiful product that will look great in any home, business, or showroom. Available in a wide 1-½ bar to a thin ¾ in bar. We can also custom order frames to display the wrapped canvas and add the finishing touch to your art. 

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Canvas Frame Example #1
Canvas Frames Example #2

In-store Experts 

Sometimes choice is the hardest part of picking the best frame or matboard for your print. Our staff are experts at helping you select the most complementary combination for your framing project. We see thousands of images every year and have great ideas on how best to present them for your home, office, or exhibition space.

Photo Framing in Guelph / Kitchener

We have a long history in helping our clients create traditional designs for their portraits and landscapes. If you would like something with a modern style, contemporary, or classic look. We have the choices of frames that can make your images pop. Our relationship with or framing vendors provides us with the best possible pricing that we can pass on to our clients. We want you to frame everything! 

Frame Collections

We have 100’s of samples in both locations to provide the best possible choice of framing for your images. From Classics to modern just ask our friendly staff to pull down some samples and you will be surprised with how your images will look with a custom frame. 

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Classic Frames

Give your frame dimension with this beautiful box frame option. Available in White, Beech, Black and Distressed White.

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Classic Frames Example #1
Classic Frames Example #2
Classic Frames Example #3
Contemporary Example #1
Contemporary Example #2
Contemporary Example #3
Contemporary Example #4

Contemporary Frames

Make your images POP! Thes frames will stand the test of time with great styles and colours that will add to any home décor or office space. You can not go wrong with the contemporary selection of frame moldings.

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Modern Frames

Our newest range of frames are designed to make you images stand out. These frames range in thickness from 1-½ to 4in wide and many options for depth as well. When home interior design is a must we can help you pick the perfect modern frame for your space. 

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Modern Example #1
Modern Example #2
Modern Example #3
Modern Example #4